Niche Marketing Overview

YES, Inc. successfully executed local and national niche sampling programs at college campuses, Hispanic festivals, commuter destinations as well as in-store product demonstrations. Our marketing efforts are geared to fit our clients. Our staff is highly trained and professional to deliver your product or service message's unique needs customizing our staff to fit the niche market we are targeting. Let us go after your target market. YES WE CAN!!!

Friendship Dairies College Sampling Program

Generate brand awareness among college students and increase sales of Friendship Cottage Cheese. Target women aged 18-24.

YES, Inc. distributed 9,100 8 oz. samples of Friendship Cottage Cheese at 5 Connecticut colleges over a seventeen-day period throughout September. 8,400 brochures and coupons and 1,900 Friendship magnets were also distributed.

The program was successful in generating awareness for Friendship Cottage Cheese at the universities. Although some college students were skeptical about trying cottage cheese, specially trained YES representatives were able to overcome the challenge of clearing up product misconceptions with informed responses.

College Sampling Program Locations: Wesleyan University, Quinnipaic University, Sacred Heart University, University of Connecticut and Western Connecticut State

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